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Gary Summers, PhD 1700 University Blvd, #936
President, Pipeline Physics LLC Round Rock, TX 78665-8016
gary.summers@PipelinePhysics.com 503-332-4095

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Dr. Gary J. Summers, President of Pipeline Physics

Dr. Gary Summers is President and Founder of Pipeline Physics LLC, a consulting boutique that provides research, education and consulting for project portfolio management (PPM) and the management of pharmaceutical pipelines.

Dr. Summers develops decisions methods that manage uncertainty well. These methods augment the predict-then-act, forecasting approach of decision analysis and portfolio optimization with robust and flexible decision methods. In situations that are only partially understood, contain unknown-unknowns, and more generally, produce surprises, robust, flexible decision methods perform best.

Advances in decision theory are creating this field, and Dr. Summers is pioneering their application to PPM and pharmaceutical pipelines. His research is producing:

Dr. Summers received a BA in physics from Washington University, St. Louis, and a MS and a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from Northwestern University. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Oregon Graduate Institute, which is now part of Oregon Health and Science University, and a visiting research professor at Portland State University.

Dr. Richard M. Bayney, President of Project & Portfolio Value Creation

Dr. Bayney is the founder and president of Project & Portfolio Value Creation (PPVC). To Pipeline Physics, Dr. Bayney brings more than twenty-three years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of pharmaceutical pipelines. His expertise and accomplishments include: